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Cat Becomes A Visitor Everyday To Ask For Food And Love

What if one day an unexpected guest jump into your house? This neighbor have seen this happened everyday, and they cannot spend a day without seeing her appearance.

This story is about Mama, a cat has been visiting this family over a year seeking for love and treats. With her lovely appearance which every cat always has, she come to every neighbours and knock on their door or window, meowing like an invited guest and waiting for them on their patio.

Look at here face, Mama, always visit this family everyday for food and cuddle.

This family always be like where is she going? if they have not seen her at least once in a day.

As soon as she see anybody, she will knock on the door and meowing like “Hooman, please let me in!”

The neighbour said “She meow as well as paws at the home window or outdoor patio home window to try and get our attention. If she does not see us she will certainly sleep on the patio furniture waiting on us.”

She can smell human and comes knocking on the window as usual.

And why not? when you can get free cuddle and treats.


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