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This Japanese Cat Venturing Around The Country After Being Left Alone

Nyankichi, a male tabby cat is fostered by her lovely owner in Kagoshima, Japan. His past is covered with full of luck and bad things, from being left alone in the warehouse after he was born. But his owner came in the right time to rescue him out of the bottom of this world. After that, they spend time to travel together around the country and capture the beautiful moments throughout their trip. A man who loves nature and a shy cat but full of curiosity start their adventure to explore the world.

Their photos have been massively hit on social network with the huge followers on both Facebook and Instagram:

  • Facebook: reaching over 123k likes and still counting.
  • Instagram: has more than 71k follower right now.

With the huge followers, they are planning to implement a project called “Nyan Yoshi Garden” to reduce the number of poor kittens who may be killed someday out there. Nyankichi’s owner have said that “This cat may have been dead in the warehouse that was probably left behind when he was a baby”. So he wonder how many stray cats have been struggling outside there in the poor condition. To follow their adventure, please check out Facebook and Instagram fanpage below:

Now, it is time to see 10 of their flawless photoshoots!











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